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About the Dreamship

Imagine a classroom where your Black child can dream without limit.
A classroom where your child can work twice as hard and get twice as much.
A classroom where your child’s passion isn’t called aggression.
A classroom where teachers celebrate–not shame–your child’s culture and community.
Village of Wisdom’s Dreamship can help you to Bring your child’s classroom closer to Their Dreams. 
The Dreamship trains Black Parent Dreamers to become experts, advocates, and organizers of classrooms that celebrate Black children. 
Black Parent Dreamers get coaching, community, and paid time to rest and dream. 
Yes, you read that right! We are paying folks to rest because we believe rest is a human right.
The Dreamship is for the Black mommas, poppas, grands, and caregivers who need change, today. 
It’s for Black parent thinkers, makers, and artists ready to create classrooms a world where Black children are free! 
Your dreams are powerful. 
Join us in Fall 2023. And build a new world for your children – dream by dream.

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