What’s the Dreamship?

There is no limit to what Black children are able to do. But classrooms aren’t built to nurture the dreams of Black children. The Dreamship provides 15 Black parents in North Carolina with the coaching, skills, community, and rest needed to change classrooms. Black parent dreamers receive a $12,000 yearly stipend to defray the costs of transportation, childcare, or other familial needs.

Black Parent Dreamers Explore Black Power Building through...


Black parent dreamers work with local experts, organizers, and artists to explore their interests at the intersection of education, art, mental health, research, and parenting. Dreamers are coached to take their expertise (raising Black children) and create education strategies that create better classrooms for Black children.


Community is the foundation of the Dreamship. Dreamers join a life-long network of Black parent advocates and leaders. Through this network, Dreamers engage in a series of restorative and liberatory experiences that allow them to manifest their dreams for Black children. Dreamers work together to create and build a vision for their children’s education.


As a Black parent, we know you get tired from existing in non-affirming spaces. The Dreamship gives Black parent dreamers time to intentionally focus on rest and restoration. Dreamers are free to use this time as they see fit, whether that’s pursuing a personal hobby or simply taking a break from their daily routine.


The Dreamship gives Black parent dreamers the tools and resources to hold educators accountable to Black children and communities. VOW trained parents go on to impact education at the classroom, building, and district level.

The Dreamship helps Black parent dreamers change the trajectory of their child’s education experience. If you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, join a community of liberation-minded parents, and intentionally rest, apply for the Dreamship today!

Note: At VOW, the term “Parent” is all-inclusive, and when we say Black Parents, we mean Biological Parents, Non-Traditional Caregivers, Legal Guardians, and Foster Parents. 

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