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Aisha Caruth

Camille Brown-Lowery

Aisha Williams 

Cassey Mapp-Ahmed

Alana Smith

Charryse Frederick

Brittiany Jenkins

Constance Carter

Crystal Ingram

Kamweli Wilson

Damon Walker

Phyllis Joyner

Elsie Duronville

Ruben Watson

Hannah Steer

Shala Perla

Tamette Farrington

Tiffany Corey 

Tony Mellon

Victoria Scott-Miller

Aya Shabu

Aya leads our work to celebrate our cultural strengths and beauty. Her work focuses on preparing Black parents to shape programming, art, and events to create Black Genius classrooms in non-traditional education spaces. She designs amazing activities to shift minds and senses when a change in approach is necessary. Oh, and she’s a professional performing artist.

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